Win a Land Rover with Joules!*

What could be more exciting than winning a Land Rover?  How about winning one in an exclusive Joules print, with Harris Tweed seats? 

The lovely folks at Joules are giving away a Land Rover Defender and when I spotted the competition I knew you guys would love be as excited about it as I am! 

To enter, all you have to do is click the button below, fill out a simple form and keep your fingers crossed. 

PS - if Land Rover's aren't your thing, you can still enter to win £20,000

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Instagram Roundup - October 2014

October has been a lovely month, although I am genuinely struggling to work out how it has passed so quickly. No major events as such, but I think that's what has made it so special.... it's been a very ordinary month. 

Lots of good, real food. Lots of crafting time (playing with clay, learning to knit, art journalling). The beginnings of Christmas planning. Lots of steaming hot tea in giant mugs. Lots of walks in the local wetlands. Lots of reading, writing and planning. 

Just perfect. 

How's your October been? 

Autumn Changes

I love autumn. I don't know if it is all the years of heading back to school in September, but autumn has always signified change for me.  This year has been no different, throughout summer I started to crave a change especially around my business (more on that coming very soon!).  

I also wanted to get back to the heart of this blog, as I have mentioned in previous posts I felt like I had lost my focus here a little bit. So much work has gone into building my business that I forgot why I had started blogging in the first place. 

The truth is I started blogging as I wanted a space where I could document the details of our daily life, celebrate the things that make me happy and share my thoughts on living a creative lifestyle. 

Going forward that is what you will see here - I will be sharing what we eat, places we visit, what I am wearing, home decor projects, craft projects... basically, whatever makes me happy and I want to share. 

If you want to keep updated on my work projects, I will let you know very soon where you can follow along. 

I have set myself a goal for November to blog everyday, and I have some great posts lined up so stay tuned!