Life Lately :: December Edition

I've had a bit of a blogging fail this week - I totally intended to blog every day as normal right up until Christmas but Wednesday rolled around and I decided I needed a break for a few days. I know you guys will understand, sometimes it's good to step away and focus on life away from the internet. 

Anyway, I am back today and whilst I can't promise there will be daily blogs over the festive period, I will be popping in often. 

I've been working on something fun this week that I can't wait to share with you - my first ever video post. I have been thinking about dabbling into video for a while - I don't intend to become a full time Youtuber or vlogger but I thought it might be fun to film the odd tutorial or behind the scenes type thing. I've had a blast doing it so hope you guys will like the result (will share soon). 

Other than that work has wound down for Christmas now and I'm so grateful for a slower pace. I haven't been feeling very festive until today, I seem to have gone into Christmas overdrive now and I'm getting the house ready for family arriving at the weekend and early next week. We have a few gatherings between now and christmas so I'm super looking forward to that. 

Hope you are having a great week - only 6 sleeps left! 

My Word for 2015

For the past 3 years I have chosen a word to meditate on through the year. Actually, it would be fairer to say my words have chosen me. They usually pop up as it gets to autumn and my mood becomes reflective. 

2012 was SPARK

2013 was PROACTIVE

2014 was OPEN

It's become a ritual - a guiding force as I journey through the year, something to focus on as I go about my daily life. Each word has become a part of my life, although I choose a new word each year - I still carry previous ones with me and never fail to be surprised at how they all manifest in ways I never expect. 

This year has been slightly different. My word didn't make itself visible as normal. Instead, I started December with no word so one cold wintry afternoon I sat down with a pen and my journal and I meditated. And... nothing. I tossed around a few words - play, ease, light but none of them felt right. A few days later and my word presented itself, suddenly popping up in my head and sticking. So for 2015 my word is FLOURISH. 


 - to be successful; prosper ; thrive

  • Flourish in health
  • Flourish creatively
  • Flourish financially
  • Flourish in my relationships
  • Flourish in my truth

Flourish, to me, means becoming the best version of myself. It doesn't mean perfection but it means a continual process of refining what works for me. 

So, here's to flourishing in 2015! 

Gifts for the Country Type

Fox Mug - Earthenware mug from Fenella Smith :: £17.50

String in a tin - From Wild and Wolf at John Lewis :: £8.00

Wire Egg Basket - Garden Trading :: £15.00

Recycled Woollen Rug - National Trust :: £14.00

Wooden Boot Jack - From Cross Country Style :: £19.00

Share the Love Sunday #3

Happy weekend friends! I hope that you are having a good one! 

Welcome back to Share the Love Sunday - each Sunday I will be sharing 3 blogs and 3 awesome reads from the week.

Here are this weeks picks...


I love discovering other creatives, especially ones with blogs as lovely as Kelsey. I love the little glimpses into her design process and the way she styles all of her posts so beautifully. 

Visit Pinegate Road


Screenshot 2014-12-14 11.16.14.png

Litte Birdie reminds me of a cosy, welcoming little cafe - Jen is a fellow blogger from Yorkshire and I love that she shares her adventures and explorations of the area. Not to mention the fact her photography always inspires me. 

Visit Little Birdie


Emma is also a yorkshire blogger and I'm pleased to say has become a friend of mine. Her lovely blog is full of yummy recipes, gorgeous craft projects and pictures of her adorable pup, Flash (he's reason alone to pop over and take a look!). 

Visit Oh Gosh.


1. Cherry and Pistachio Bread - Lisette Loves

2. The Great Christmas Gift Guide - Cider with Rosie

3. Mince Pies, Pretty Lights and Feeling Festive - Bumpkin Betty

Please do show some love and pop over to say hi to the lovely bloggers featured above! If you have any great recommendations, leave a comment below.  Read previous posts in this series here