Feeling Freedom

I have a favourite walk that I take with our pup, Florence. It's a loop through a beautiful wetland near to our house. The scenery is just one reason I love to go there - it's also one of the few places I can let Florence off her lead without fear of her disappearing.

We reach the grassy bank and I unclip her lead. For a brief moment Florence looks up at me as if asking my permission. And then she is off. Galloping. She runs with such a fervour it makes you want to run and dance after her. She zig-zags and circles, not interested in stopping to sniff... only wanting to run and jump. When she is running she embodies joy, I swear she looks so happy I almost expect her to yell 'woo hoooo!'. As she whizzes around feeling the wind in her fur, she is an absolute joy to watch. 

For Florence, this is freedom. 

Almost every weekend, when I was little, my parents would pack us into the car for a road trip. We'd set off early and get back later the same day, sleepy and content. There are few parts of the UK I haven't seen. From the lakes and mountains of Cumbria to the chocolate-box villages of the Cotswolds. 

I was 8, maybe 9, and standing amongst the sunshine-yellow gorse bushes of the North York Moors. Looking out over the expanse of green and feeling the wind whip my hair, I declared that I couldn't wait until the day I was old enough to choose my own adventures. To roam without supervision. To explore. My parents smiled at each other knowingly. 

To me, that was freedom. 


Freedom still lies in choosing my own adventure. 

It's setting my own schedule, doing more of the things that light me up and less of the things that don't. It's deep conversation and laughter with my man. It's writing and sharing and teaching and learning. It's allowing myself to live and work from that place of pure creativity and truth.  

It's accepting myself for all that I am, right here and now. Forgiveness, self-compassion. 

It's making the choice. Daily, repeatedly. 

For me, this is freedom. 

What does freedom mean to you? 

I'd love to invite you to explore your own blend of freedom and cultivate more of it in your life, by joining the Inner Circle mastermind. Details here

15 reasons to try meditation

A little while ago I shared how my meditation practice is having a profound impact on my life. Of course, everyone's experience is different but I really am an advocate of quiet time as there are just so many benefits it can bring. 

The great thing is that it benefits everyone - it's used in schools, with the elderly, in the workplace. 

I speak to a lot of people who are interested in trying meditation, but are held back because of misconceptions, and I've come across a few common myths about meditation...

Myth 1 - It's a religious practice, and I'm not religious

Meditation is simply a practice that takes us into a place of stillness and silence. As much as it can be used as a form of religious worship, it can also be used to simply experience inner calm or improve health. I have seen meditation practices begin for a range of reasons - people who were looking to relieve stress, lower their blood pressure, even to give up smoking (its a great tool for beating addiction!). 

Myth 2 - I can’t stop my thoughts

Meditation is not about not thinking. 

We can’t stop our thoughts but we can choose how much attention we give them. Think about it (ha, sorry!), in between each thought we have there is a space. Meditation allows us to access that space more frequently. Thoughts will appear when we meditate, but by choosing to just accept them and bring our awareness back to our meditation, we are choosing to relax the mind and access the space in between thoughts. The more we do this, the easier it becomes. 

Myth 3 - It’s time-consuming

Yes, we are all busy. Never-ending to-do lists, endless responsibilities and things we need to take care of. 

Let me ask you this - can you find 5 minutes in your day? 

I’m going to make a guess here, and say the answer to that is probably a big fat yes. 5 minutes is all you need to start meditating. You don’t need to sit for 20 minutes. Just start with 5. 

There are busy, super-productive CEO’s who haven’t missed a days meditation practice in 25 years. Why? Because when we are living crazy, fast-paced lives, that’s when we need meditation the most. For those few minutes we can jump off the merry-go-round and into a space where time doesn’t exist. We can slow our breathing and lower our heart rate. Regular practice helps us to actually achieve more whilst doing less, as we become more ‘in the flow’. 

15 reasons to give it a go...
  1. Reduces anxiety
  2. Enhances your immune system
  3. Lowers cholestoral levels
  4. Increases blood flow through the body
  5. Reduces muscle tension
  6. Regulates breathing
  7. Reduces headaches and migraines
  8. Increases energy levels
  9. Helps heal depression
  10. Improves focus and mental clarity
  11. Helps to break addiction
  12. Reduces cortisol levels
  13. Promotes better sleep patterns
  14. Promotes inner peace
  15. Helps you to be present
So what are you waiting for? Let me know if you have tried meditation in the comments below! 

Life, Lately

So yes, it's been a bit quiet around here hasn't it? 

The truth is life has been c-r-a-z-y of late. I have been throwing myself into growing my coaching business and it's been non-stop but also incredibly awesome. 

Seriously, I have to keep pinching myself that I get to do this stuff. 

My new website will be ready to launch next week (eek!) and I have been finalising my programs and packages in addition to creating some fab freebies. Watch this space. 

I've had a couple of questions about what this means for the blog and my design business so thought I would let you in on my plans. The blog will remain the same, I love showing up in this space and sharing what's going on and what I'm loving. Naturally there might be a 'coachy' type post every now and then but the regular lifestyle posts will continue. 

I'm also continuing with my design studio, however I am scaling back my services, and only choosing to work with a very select number of clients. I have found myself accepting any type of project that came my way and whilst I am so thankful for a steady stream of clients, I have a natural type of client I work better with. 

I totally intend to be in this space more once my new website launches next week - I have been keeping up with lots of you on your blogs and social media!

A few things I am grateful for...

1. My mentors - I am connected to some awesome business women and coaches and I'm so grateful to have them to learn from. 

2. Daffodils on my daily walks - they are starting to flower, a lovely reminder of the warmer weather to come.

3. You guys! I couldn't do any pf this without you.


Gemma xo

PS - I've finally created a Facebook page so I'd love it if you hopped over and gave it a like! It's a bit sparse at the moment but lots of good stuff is on the agenda. 

ENROLMENT OPEN: Join the Inner circle

Ready to grow your business or blog in a way that feels organic and authentic to you?

You dream of...
  • Turning your blog into a platform for your own heart-centered business
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  • Having the freedom to live out your ideal lifestyle, whilst making money doing what you love 
  • Connecting with a supportive sisterhood of likeminded women 


Why I've created this mastermind group

I believe that women living from a place of freedom have the power to change the world. 

Every week I get a flurry of business and blog related questions landing in my inbox  - "how do I get started?", "how do I promote my stuff without feeling icky?", "how do I build connections and grow my reach?". 

I remember what it's like to feel confused and overwhelmed. I know what a lonely experience it can be sometimes be to run a home-based business. 

When I first started blogging I had no idea it was going to be the springboard for creating my own business. Over the past 5 years I have journeyed through creating two online businesses and building a lifestyle blog. Along the way I have battled with self-doubt, comparison, loneliness and a lack of knowledge on how to sell successfully. 

The Inner Circle guides you through key business or blog boosting areas, whilst allowing you to be supported in a community of other likeminded women. 

The Curriculum

Over the 6 months we will explore topics to help you grow your business or blog in a way that feels good to you. We will cover themes such as:

  • Creating your ideal business and lifestyle vision
  • Developing your personal brand, authentically
  • Making your website your greatest asset
  • Attracting your ideal clients with ease
  • Selling in a way that feels natural and good to you
  • Setting up structures and workflows for success
  • Adopting a mindset for success (no more getting held back by that inner critic or comparison!)

When you access the Inner Circle you will get...

:: Monthly goodies including: 

  • A webinar, video or audio lesson covering the theme for that month
  • A beautifully designed workbook to accompany the lesson 
  • Journalling exercises and meditations to help tune into your inner self and live in the present moment
  • Previous months can be accessed through a password-protected website making it fully mobile 

:: Bonus goodies throughout the mastermind: 

  • Pre-circle workbook to help you get clear on your intentions
  • Interviews with freedom-flourishing women
  • 2 live group calls, where you can ask me questions  
  • Extra secret surprises! 

:: Access to the Inner Circle Sisterhood

A private Facebook community where you can connect with other women and share your experience, ask for support and have soulful conversations. It's worth it for this alone! Imagine being surrounded by likeminded souls as you explore what living a bold, heart-led life means to you. Think belly laughs, heaps of support and encouragement and real friendships.